Tagungen/ Organized Workshops

Tagungen/ Organized Workshops


Conference: Narratives and Practices of Environmental Justice

The aim of this workshop, organized by the Institute of Geography at Kiel University, Kiel Marine Science (KMS) and the Enjust Network for Environmental Justice emerging at Kiel University, is to advance ongoing debates on environmental and climate justice by focusing on narratives and associated practices, and to foster networking among scholars.


Kiel, Germany, June 6th to 8th, 2019

Vortragsreihe „Umweltgerechtigkeit“

Im Rahmen des geographischen Kolloquiums, Wintersemester 2018/2019, findet die Vortragsreihe „Umweltgerechtigkeit“ statt, jeweils um 16:15 -17:45 Uhr im Hörsaal der Geographie (R. 09).

Vortragsreihe Umweltgerechtigkeit
  12.11.2018 Dr. Robert Hafner, Universität Innsbruck
Environmental justice revisited. Oder: was man tut, wenn sich gar nichts tut

19.11.2018Prof. Michael Flitner, Universität Bremen
Umweltgerechtigkeit – ein einfacher Plan?

21.01.2019 Prof. Marc Redepenning, Universität Bamber
Geographien raumbezogener Gerechtigkeit. Konturen eines aktuellen Themas

Social Transformation through Climate Change Adaptation?

Book Presentation and Panel Discussion

Social Transformation through Climate Change Adaptation? Book Presentation: A Critical Approach to Climate Change Adaptation and Panel Discussion

During the last decades climate change adaptation has become a growing necessity and a much-debated topic worldwide. Especially in the field of North-South relations and international development adaptation politics and projects are often controversial and challenge the status quo. On the evening of the 1st of November, we will discuss at Hansa48 how far these interventions have a transformative potential or if they are just
fortifying the power of elites and deepen inequalities.
We have invited authors of the book “A Critical Approach to Climate Change
Adaptation. Discourses, Policies and Practices” from Mexico, Venezuela and Germany. After a short presentation of the book by Florian Dünckmann (CAU Kiel) we will open the floor for a round table discussion with Libertad Chavez-Rodriguez (CIESAS Mexico), Daniel Morchain (Oxfam UK), Sybille Bauriedl (Uni Flensburg) and Jonas Hein (CAU Kiel).

Kiel, Germany, November 1st, 2018

Social Transformation through Climate change Adaptation?

Workshop Invitation

Loss & Hope: Contemporary debates in Environmental Anthropology

Workshop Invitation

Diagnoses of environmental loss – i.e. loss of bio-diversity and extinction of species, of soil and crop nutrients, loss through sea-level rise, the pollution of oceans and waterways, or the penetration of living forms by industrially produced chemical compounds inform much scholarly debate. This networking meeting for researchers focusing on environmental anthropology takes a productive tension between such recent diagnoses of loss and persistent hopes in betterment as starting point to open up our discussions: What does taking loss in relation to the environment seriously imply for anthropologists and how does this relate to projects that try to instill hope? To what extent  are these undertakings desirable or risky? What
affective attachments to hope or loss prevail in our fields of inquiry?

Tübingen, Germany, October 18th-19th, 2018

Workshop Invitation


World Social Scienc Forum, Fukuoka, Japan

We would like to draw your attention to the following call for papers for our session OP4-01 Transformation in coastal zones: Coping with global change at the World Social Sciences Forum 2018 in Fukuoka, Japan, 25-28 September 2018.

In this panel, we aim to critically explore the assumptions, triggers, catalysts and motivations for transformation in the contexts of coastal realms. We ask whether the concept of transformation is adequate to cope with the complexities of global social and environmental change and innovation, with aspirations for sustainable development set by the 2030 Agenda, but also with issues of power and representation across scale and social positioning as they manifest in coastal areas.

For more details about the session see: http://www.wssf2018.org/session-parallel-02-list.html#a_p4

Abstracts may be submitted through the conference website via: http://www.wssf2018.org/call-for-papers.html

Submission deadline for papers is 17 March 2017.


Denaturalizing Climate Change: Perspectives for Critical Adaptation Research, Workshop organized together with Dr. Libertad Chavez-Rodriguez,  CIESAS Centro de Investigaciones y Estudios Superiores en Antropología Social in Oaxaca, Mexiko

Call for paper Oaxaca 2016: CfP_DenaturalizingCC_Mexico_Sep2016


Refugees Welcome? Geflüchtete an deutschen Hochschulen, Conference organized together with Prof. Dr. Kristina Musholt, University of Leipzig and Prof. Dr. Magdalena Nowicka, Humboldt University Berlin at the German Young Academy of Scientists/ Die Junge Akademie, Berlin

Call for participation Berlin 2016: CfP Refugees_Workshop_2016_Berlin 


Familiar Adaptations: Addressing global environmental change through social innovation in the marine and coastal realms, Panel organized together with Dr. Sarah Wise, AAA 2015, 114th American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, November 18-22, 2015 in Denver, Colorado


Big Data and the Future of Research in the Digital Age, Collaborative Symposium of  The Israel Young Academy and Junge Akademie (JA) The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, Jerusalem


Denaturalizing Climate Change: Migration, Mobilities and Spaces, organized together with Dr. Frieda Gesing and Dr. Johannes Herbeck, international Workshop, University of Bremen


Socio-Ecological Novelties – Frontiers in Sustainability Research, Workshop of the South African Young Academy (SAYAS) and Junge Akademie (JA) , organized together with Prof. Dr. Anke Jentsch, University of Bayreuth, Berlin